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    • Reduce IRS & State Tax Debt
    • Tax Levies & Liens
    • Wage Garnishment
    • Resolve Back Taxes
    • IRS & State Audit defense
    • End Penalties & Interest
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    “Take the road to a Fresh Start” . Give us a call today. 800-300-7474(Se Habla Español)

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    We can also help with:

    • Offer in Compromise
    • Penalty Abatement
    • Installment Agreement
    • Partial Pay Installment (PPIA)
    • Tax Lien Discharge
    • Tax Lien Subordination
    • Tax Lien Withdrawal
    • Wage Garnishments
    • Bank Levy Release
    • Innocent Spouse Relief
    • Currently Non Collectible
    • Statute of Limitations
    • Collections Appeal
    • Administrative Appeal
    • Tax Return Preparation/Filing
    • Tax Return Review and Amendment
    • Under Reported Income Examination CP2000

    “Take the road to a Fresh Start” . Give us a call today. 800-300-7474(Se Habla Español)

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    Get to know Coast One Financial Group

    Owing back taxes to the IRS or to your State can be stressful! Fighting the IRS or your State by yourself is not an easy task, and finding the right tax help can be confusing. This is where Coast One Financial Group comes in to help because our team of Tax Advisors, Enrolled Agents, Accountants, and Attorneys have over 25 years of experience in helping taxpayers to resolve their tax case and to possibly reduce the amount of your IRS or state tax debt. As a proud member of the BBB, Coast One is one of the most trusted firms in the country, with an “A +” rating and 5 stars with TrustLink. We strongly believe that our client’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Whether you owe taxes or you haven’t filed your tax returns in years, Coast One Financial Group has the insight and expertise to find a solution for your toughest tax problems.


    About Tax Relief

    What is Tax Relief? Many Americans have tax debt that can add up fast over the years! When you call the IRS to inquire about paying on your back tax, the IRS may provide options that are limited to either paying off the full lump sum amount or scheduling monthly installment payments with the taxpayer.
    These two choices may not be the best fit for people facing financial hardship in life, especially when monthly installments add interest to the tax debt, until the tax arrears are fully paid. If the taxpayer has been unemployed or otherwise is going through financial hardship, there are other options available to settle or reduce your tax debt. Call our team for a Free Consultation.

    About the Fresh Start Program

    When you owe back taxes to the IRS or the State, you will receive a notice in the mail. Due to a lack of payment over past tax years, your tax debt accrues interest and penalty. If not dealt with accordingly, the amount of your back taxes can increase dramatically!
    Wage garnishment, tax levies and liens can also occur when back taxes are not paid to the IRS or State. The IRS has a program called the IRS Fresh Start Program which is designed to help people like you who are in financial hardship & unable to pay their back taxes in full.
    On your behalf our team will communicate with the IRS in order to negotiate a manageable solution for your case and we will be with you every step of the way. Contact our team of tax professionals at 800-300-7474 to learn more about the Fresh Start Program.

    “Take the road to a Fresh Start” . Give us a call today. 800-300-7474(Se Habla Español)

    Our Testimonials about the Fresh Start Program speak for themselves.

    “We put,our faith into Coast One. After turning all the information they needed over to them, they took care of everything. Thank you Coast One.”


    "They did what they promised. They resolved my tax issue for less than 10% of what I owed."


    “Take the road to a Fresh Start” . Give us a call today. 800-300-7474(Se Habla Español)