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    Thank You Coast One Financial !!! I was at my wits end. Thought I would give them a try as a last ditch effort. I was amazed that they were able to save me more than $18,000.00. Everybody that I worked with at Coast One was very accommodating and helpful. Absolutely recommend!!! Thanks again for all that you have done for me.


    They did what they promised. They resolved my tax issue for less than 10% of what I owed.


    CoastOne Financial Group rescued me from what was beginning to be a life time of hopeless resolution with the IRS. My debt with the IRS enormous and beyond my futile attempts to resolve the debt. I contacted CoastOne and they literally saved me from a life time of misery and a financial disaster. My compromise was accepted by the IRS and thanks to CoastOne, I am now able to provide the much needed livelihood for my family. Thank you CoastOne for all you have done to help me resolve my financial issues with the IRS.

    “Take the road to a Fresh Start” . Give us a call today. 800-300-7474(Se Habla Español)


    Coastal Financial Group help me solve my tax problem with the irs. I had a 23,000 tax bill and I paid about 3550.00 and they help me get rid of my bill with the irs thanks guys.


    My experience with Mr. A and Mr. S has been extraordinary. In my business career I have not received such and extraordinary service and cooperation as I have had with them. Mr. A has always been available every time I have called. Mr. S is extraordinary Tax Lawyer person. I will never forget your professionalism. Thank you always,


    I am so pleased with coast one financial. They helped me to take a big dent and turn it into an affordable payment. Anyone who is at the company who helped with my case I would love to say thank you, I appreciate what y’all did for me.

    “Take the road to a Fresh Start” . Give us a call today. 800-300-7474(Se Habla Español)


    After a long and draining 15 years of paying back taxes to the IRS. Coast One Financial gave me my freedom back.

    Mickey & Debra

    Absolutely the best. The team was professional and helpful in all regards. The outcome was more than I’d hope for. Thank you.


    Very, very pleased with their service, their courtesy, and their timely reply to our trying to reach them over the phone when they were not available at the precise moment of our call. We are very satisfied with the service and the outcome of our case. Thank you so much and we will certainly recommend your services.

    “Take the road to a Fresh Start” . Give us a call today. 800-300-7474(Se Habla Español)


    We put, our faith into Coast One. After turning all the information they needed over to them, they took care of everything. Thank you Coast One.


    This survey is about Coast One Financial Group. They helped me out greatly. They worked with me to help me out with the IRS more than I can imagine. Keep up the great work.


    From the beginning to the end Liana. was so kind, understanding she made us feel calm about our particular situation. We were behind with federal and state taxes. I can’t thank Liana enough. She worked tirelessly and always stayed on top of our case. She always kept us informed there never were any surprises. I highly recommend Coast One Financial. They have a wounderful and talented team of experts. And Liana. expertise in tax laws was instrumental in getting us the settlements with both IRS and State taxes. Thank you Liana and Coast One Financial for your help.

    “Take the road to a Fresh Start” . Give us a call today. 800-300-7474(Se Habla Español)


    Usually I am a little leery of ads I see of tv but with the IRS debt that I had, I was willing to check out Coast One. Thanks for Jim, Lisa, and Arsineh, my IRS debt was substantially reduced to $500. The financial burden that was looming over my head has now disappeared. Thank you so much for my peace of mind!


    I was naive to think that I didn’t have to file a return if I didn’t owe taxes. Over 10 years later I discovered that the IRS files a return for you if they think you owe taxes, and definitely not in your favor! Not only that, but a revenue officer gets involved if the alleged amount is significant. In my case the amount was over $500,000 and it was not appealable. I was caught between a rock and a hard place when the officer decided to garnish my wages and leave me in a position where I couldn’t afford to pay a tax expert to help resolve the situation. I thought I would have to work the rest of my life living in poverty, unjustly forced to give away my earnings to the government. It was nothing short of a miracle for me that Coast One Financial Group got involved, arbitrated the garnishment, and helped me to amend the disputed returns. The IRS eventually reversed the taxes and penalties, and returned the garnishments. I can’t adequately express my profound gratitude to Coast One Financial Group for their professional services. They have my highest recommendation.


    We owed about $14,000 to the IRS. Our debt to the IRS never went down no matter how much we paid monthly, no matter how much they garnished our wages and they kept keeping our refund for so many years. The IRS kept adding penalties every year so our balance never went down. We were so frustrated that we decided to contact and hire Coast One Financial Group April 2015. Our garnishment stopped, all the paperwork was done via email and telephone. We followed all of their instructions and we got fast responses to our emails, questions and phone calls (within 24 hrs). Yeah, the process from beginning to end took 8 months due to the IRS lagging with paperwork, but it was worth it. As of today, I am soooo glad we made this choice because our $14,000 IRS debt went down to $1052 with an Offer In Compromise which we paid in full Dec 2015. I never thought I would say this… “NO MORE IRS DEBT!” Thanks Coast One!

    “Take the road to a Fresh Start” . Give us a call today. 800-300-7474(Se Habla Español)


    My experience with Coast One Financial Group was a very good and positive experience. They were very professional and knowledgeable in assisting me with my offer in compromise. I never encountered any problems getting in touch with them, They answered all my questions in detail so that i always knew what to expect.. I would highly recommend Coast One Financial Group to any one who is in need of financial assistance with the IRS. They were really valuable in my time of need. Thank you Coast One for your help. Sincerly, Michael


    I’ve hired Coast One Financial Group for two of my main issues I had. One was with the Board of Equalization and the other was with the Franchise Tax Board. My amount owed after interest and penalties of several years was about $700K and that is just to the BOE. Coast One Financial Group went back and forth for quite some time until they got me an offer of $20K that I really couldn’t refuse. They have already removed my lien and because of that my credit score has improved drastically. Now we only have one more obstacle left which is the FTB but I truly know that I am in great hands. If it wasn’t for their help I’d still be unemployed, depressed, and drowning myself in my own paperwork. I truly appreciate everyone there for fighting for me and giving me my life back!!


    All staff was very pleasant and helpful to work with and they did what they said could do in assisting with my tax issue… no false claims here ! Very happy with the service.

    “Take the road to a Fresh Start” . Give us a call today. 800-300-7474(Se Habla Español)


    My back tax debt had been a huge black cloud that hindered me from moving on with my life for years after my divorce. I knew in order for me to take back control of my life I needed professional assistance dealing with my tax debt. I can honestly say that after my first conversation with ***** **** I knew I was in good hands. He walked me through the steps and was always there for me. My case was also handled by **** *****. Both gentlemen were highly professional, friendly and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. This process is not an overnight thing, so be sure to bring your patience.


    They did a great job for me! Excellent Result!


    A prior attorney worked on our behalf with the IRS for 2 years and we only received legal fees. Coast One Financial Group started on our behalf in April 2015 and by June 2015 we had an IRS settlement reduction of 50%. Quite happy with their work.

    “Take the road to a Fresh Start” . Give us a call today. 800-300-7474(Se Habla Español)